Giving Aussies & Kiwis more reason to boast about their travel stories.

Expedia Boastcards

When Expedia (Australia & New Zealand) approached We Are Social to help raise awareness of their Summer sale, we were asked to deliver on their ‘Stories Worth Telling’ messaging.

To get Australians and New Zealanders sharing their travel ‘Stories Worth Telling’, I was paired with Danny McGillick (creative technologist) to create an application for Facebook that let them turn past travel stories into hip new ones. The app gave users the power to create one-of-a-kind Boastcards to share on Facebook, and for a limited time, have printed and mailed (via ScriblePics).

The project was a hit, with thousands of Boastcards created and millions of impressions earned. We also helped Expedia Australia and New Zealand achieve a combined 17% growth in Facebook page likes.