Adam Stone

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Mum’s Playground

Connecting Curash mums to baby-friendly places in Australia.

Tags: Mobile, UI Design

Year: 2013

When Curash reached 50,000 Facebook fans, they approached We Are Social to help extend the community. Acting as lead designer, I worked amongst a team of 3 that responded to the brief with a location-based iOS app for new mothers to find and share baby-friendly locations. Built atop FourSquare’s API, the app augments user-generated metrics relevant to mum’s with new bubsi.e. parking availability and pram accessibility.

I was responsible for art direction, feature discovery, user storyboarding and the UI system. With the client not wanting to stray far from their visual identity, I developed a skeuomorphic style that married it with kitsch stationary, popular amongst the target audience.

Over the course of the project, I found myself continually referring to Josh Clark’s book, ‘Tapworthy: Designing Great iPhone Apps’, an invaluable resource when new to iOS 5.