Adam Stone

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B&T Website

Partnering with Australia’s most beloved advertising journal to achieve web zen.

Tags: Strategy, UI Design

Year: 2014

After a major rebrand of their advertising, marketing and media title, B&T, Cirrus Media reached out to We Are Social to boost their digital content offering. We helped B&T plan, design and deploy a brand new website that delivered a modern experience for their readership.

What’s unique about this project, is the lean approach we adopted to cope with the extreme budget and time constraints  quite cutting edge at the time. Our journey saw us delivering in-browser artefacts sooner and meeting with the client more regularly to keep priorities at bay.

We managed to turn around the entire project in 16 weeks, a feat which included a great deal of design, strategy and technology, amongst a mere team of 4. You can read more about our design journey over at my blog.