Adam Stone

Digital native, designer & creative — that’s me!

ABC Splash

A visual identity refresh for one of Australia’s biggest education brands.

Tags: Art Direction, UI Design

Year: 2014

Off the back of a UX and IA review conducted by Reactive, to improve ABC Splash, I was approached to refresh the brand’s visual identity. As Australia’s premier digital content provider for (primary and secondary) school students and teachers — a household name — I was honoured!

At the time, ABC Splash’s skeuomorphic UI was quite heavy, making it hard to cater to the proliferation of handheld devices. After research, stakeholders requested a new visual direction that was playful, tactile, and got out of the way of content. Working within a 2 week timeframe, I was tasked with exploring a new visual tone, UI direction, typography stack and logomark.

Since completing the project, the visual identity has been rolled onto their tablet app, and the website has been honoured at the AIMIA Awards.